While writing my non-review of The Metamorphosis, I decided that it was time to start working up a Literary Bucket List of titles and/or authors I should at least sample before both my eyes and hearing go.


As I start this exercise, I realize that this is just a formalization of something I have been doing for a couple of years now. So, I am including here titles that I have already read but that I chose because I thought that they were titles or authors I should read and not necessarily because they are the kind of book I enjoy reading.


This bucket list is not the same as my 'wish list' where I just keep adding titles that look interesting that I might want to read so I can find them again easily. LBL reads have more to them than just 'look interesting'; LBL reads have some compelling reason for being there --like classics I've never read or the popularity of the author or out of my comfort range.




  1. At least one Borges cover to cover in Spanish
  2. Edmund Morris's Teddy Roosevelt bio series
  3. Robert A. Caro's entire LBJ bio --I've read a couple of them
  4. S.E. Hinton -for all the times I suggested her titles I should at least read one of them
  5. Dave Eggars --
  6. Dostoyevski
  7. Infinite Jest
  8. ☺Tolstoy -- Ana Karenina
  9. ☺Leonard Elmore -- Devil in a Blue Dress
  10. ☺Kafka -- The Metamorphosis
  11. ☺Tuchman -- The Guns of August (tried to read this one when it was first published)
  12. ☺Saramago -- Cain (because he is a Nobel prize winner)
  13. ☺Faulkner -- started one but never finished it.
  14. ☺Moby Dick --


☺= Already read