The Metamorphosis (MP3 Book) - Franz Kafka, Ralph Cosham Snuff - Terry Pratchett The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax - Dorothy Gilman

I've tried reading Kafka in the past and haven't gotten very far. Maybe I'll do better listening.


Snuff and Mrs. Polifax were in the recent BOGO (buy one, get one) sale on Audible. Every now and then Audible will choose a couple of hundred books to offer on sale. Occasionally, I'll be able to find two that I really want to read. Mrs. Polifax has been on my wish list for a while even though I have already read the series before. But, it is enjoyable light reading and always good for a re-read when the mood stirkes.


I grabbed the Terry Prachett because he was on my "authors you should at least read once even if you aren't sure they are your kind of author" list.