Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: The Official Movie Novelization | [Alex Irvine]


Today's daily deal on Audible gets a rant all of its own.


This one so blatantly smacks of PAID advertising that it rankles. It is a novelization of the movie that just opened. No, I won't be reading it and, yes, I understand that most Daily Deal placements are paid for by the publishers.


I also won't be seeing the movie. I haven't seen any of the films in the series. I read the book way back in the 60s (it was on our summer reading shelf) and loved it. It has one of the few closing lines that I still remember--and come to think of it perhaps the only closing line that I remember--because with one closing line the writer completely changed your conception of what you just read. No movie will ever come close to the book and so I will stick with the book and my own imagination--and that one last line that could never be pulled off on screen..