Venetia - Phyllida Nash, Georgette Heyer

Yippee!! Audible has just added another Georgette Heyer title to its collection. Sadly, new additions of her work are few and far between and so for me, every new addition is a moment of celebration...


and a moment of frustration.


Every time I want to a add a new audio edition of a book to my BL bookshelf, it takes for ever. First I have to search the title and then browse through the editions listed to see if maybe the audio edition has been included. There are 23 editions of Venetia in the BL database and while they all have different ISBN numbers, they all have the same cover art shown regardless of publisher (someone got very lazy; every publisher uses different cover art).


When the audio edition does not appear on the book-page, I then have to go to Amazon (not Audible where I bought the book because Audible does not show the ISBN for its titles) to find the audio CD edition and get the ISBN so that I can then go back and try to locate it in the BL database because it hasn't shown up at all when searching by title.


Then, when I find it, I click on the book page and find that it is the only edition linked to that particular book page so I can't see any reviews for the title unless I go back to the book page that doesn't include. That prompts me to whip off an e-mail to BL in hopes that maybe they will repair the database.


So, BL can now expect a couple of e-mails a month from me with database errors that need to be fixed.


And while I am bitching and moaning, let me just say how much I dislike the cover art for this new audio edition. It is way too modern for a book that is set in the early 1800s.