One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel García Márquez

Here is what is going through my head as I finish this book:


  • Why do English speakers insist on referring to the man as Marquez? That is not his surname and you won't find him in the phone book that way. His surname is Garcia Marquez and if you are going to look him up the phone book, you'll find him under Garcia not Marquez!


  • The narrator drove me crazy. He could not pronounce the Spanish proper names correctly and his voice had a Scottish burr that was entirely our of place. He had the wrong cadence, the wrong emphasis.


  • Magical realism is not for everybody.


I'm going to have to read this one again soon. There is a lot here and I need a second reading to let it all sink in. I also need to have the Spanish text in hand; there were too many times when I asked how the author really phrased it and not for the translators words. Not that I'm dissing the translator, who I think did a great job, but that I always want to know what were the words that the author chose to express this point.