Wow, your anniversary stats are really impressive!



34 49868 $805.1
Reviews written Hours of entertainment enjoyed Saved by being
a member


Audible just sent me this lovely anniversary message. I've been a member for 10 years now and this is the first time they have ever congratulated me -- and if this is a sample, I hope it will be the last.


Okay, I can believe the reviews written because that is just a simple count--no arithmetic involved-- but the other two estimates are just a lot of hooey!


Over a 10 year period, $805 is not very much considering that I have spent over $2700 just on my monthly subscription over the past 10 years and not including any addition titles and credits I've bought over the years. One day, when I am bored--really bored--I will sit and calculate how much I have truly saved. I will add up the list price of each and every title in my library and then I will add up how much I have actually paid to Audible over the past 10 years and then I will know for sure how much I have actually saved on books. Until then, the jury is out.


However, the number that really blows my mind is 49,868 hours of entertainment enjoyed. Doesn't that number make you want to reach for a calculator? I did. That is almost 2078 days of round the clock reading. In other words,  5.7 years of my past 10 years spent doing nothing but reading. I don't think so! I know I don't spend over 12 hours per day every day listening to audio books, which is what I would have had to have done to fill 49,868 hours. The number is a lot of hooey. A more reasonable guestimate of anyone's listening time per day would be three hours.


Where does this bogus 49,868 come from, anyway? Even if they add up all of the listening hours in my library, they can't get to 49,868. I don't have the time to add up all the hours, but I can very quickly estimate it. There are approximately 880 files in my Audible library. The number of files is easier to work with for this exercise because file sizes in hours are a bit more uniform than the lengths of the various books. Files tend to be between 5 and 8 hours in length. Just for the sake of this exercise, I'm going to say that the average length of a file is 6 hours. At that rate, there are only about 5,280 listening hours in my library and if I say 7 hours, it is still just only 6100 hours.


So, bottom line: Hey Audible, I hope that the people who came up with these numbers aren't the same ones who are keeping your books and doing your taxes.