I'm joining the challenge, kind of. I'm already an audiobook listener, with audio being my primary source of reading, so any reading challenge is already an audiobooks 'challenge'. But, I like the artwork and I like talking about audiobooks, so here I am--ready to cheer on the other participants.








I'm also joining Fanda's History Reading Challenge, unofficially (partially because I can't figure out  what the linky thingy is or where to find it) . I'm not sure I entirely agree with her restrictions. IMHO, autobiography IS history. Autobiography is a primary source and if primary sources are allowed in the challenge, that should include autobiography and memoirs written by historical figures (such as U.S. Grant) but not celebrities (such as Mark Twain). That said, it doesn't mean that I will actually include an autobiography in what I read.


  • So, the parameters of my personal history reading challenge are:


  • at least  four scholarly works of political or social history (I'd require footnotes and bibliography but those aren't included in audiobooks)
  • it has to be something I haven't read before  (with extra points for choosing an area of history I haven't read about before)
  • not more than one presidential biography (LOL, since I already plan to read Bully Pulpit, Wilson and more of the Caro's LBJ)
  • at least one title that is not Founding Fathers/Revolutionary War/Constitution
  • at least two not written by D.K. Goodwin, Simon Winchester or Joseph Ellis
  • at least two that are not already on my wish list


AND FINALLY,  because I do a lot of re-reading of the titles I already own on audio to fill the time between my two monthly Audible credits, I want to add to my general reading challenge that I read 50 titles that I have never read before. I'm going to use my BL and GR challenge counters to keep track of new reads and a list on this blog of all the titles I read.