The Godwulf Manuscript (Spenser, 1) - Robert B. Parker
I've read a lot of Spenser but I really enjoyed reading the first in the series. It is interesting to see how the character has evolved. No Hawk, no Susan in this story. Lots of people complain about Parker's choppy style and the 'he said/she said' of the dialogue but to me, that is what makes Parker Parker. What I like about Parker are his descriptions. They are pithy, they are colorful and edgy and they are concise. With just a few well chosen words, you know exactly what he means--unless of course you don't understand the reference, in which case, you will be lost. Since I listen to books, the narrator is an important part of the experience. I've heard a couple of different readers do Spenser. I'm glad that none so far has tried to imitate the Boston accent because IMHO, there is nothing worse than when it is poorly done. I enjoyed Michael Prichard's reading because he just read.