Hazard Of Hearts - Barbara Cartland
Barbara Cartland is the queen of romantic pulp fiction; she is the anti-Georgette Heyer. She wrote only two books in her career--this one and the other hundreds that she she cranked out like sausage on a monthly basis, all with the same plot,the same characters and a choice of settings (modern or historical). I should know; I gobbled them up as a teenager. My sisters and I were planning to write our own Barbara Cartland; we wanted to call it My Heart Pumps. But,fortunately for the world of fiction, we were readers not writers and it never materialized.Of all of her books, there is only one that is worth re-reading, and I do on an irregular basis, and that is Hazard of Hearts. It is the only one of her titles that is almost completely outside the cookie-cutter mode of young innocent meets rake, falls in love and marries him. It is the only book that has a decent story and decent characters to go along with the romantic plot line.