Only Time Will Tell (The Clifton Chronicles) - Jeffrey Archer
I really don't like Hugo and I hope he gets what's coming to him.For the record, Miranda warnings were unheard of in the US in 1939. Similar warning may have been in use in UK at that time but certainly not in NYC. Anachronisms drive me up a wall.I've been drawn into the story. For a while, while re-reading the first book of this proposed 5 book series, I was deciding if I was going to continue reading or not. Regardless of my ambivalnce, I'm hooked. I want to see where the story takes us, even though I know I will be frustrated and annoyed by the story as we work to get our hero out of trouble. I just downloaded book 2. Archer has always been a good storyteller and very good at the multi-generational saga, even if they all have the same plot --poor boy becomes millionaire. But what the hey, people like reading about the underdog and Archer does a nice job of packaging.Finally, since I'm an Audible listener as opposed to a page-turner, I should comment on the narration which in this case is well done. Appropriate voices and since there were no major gaffes, it didn't really intrude into the story.