The History of Spain: Land on a Crossroad - The Great Courses, The Great Courses, Joyce E. Salisbury, Joyce E. Salisbury


It is very hard to go very deep into such a long history in such a short period of lecture time but Professor Salisbury has done a good job providing an overview of the country's history and culture and how it fits into the rest of Europe and the "New World." If you are planning to travel in Spain, this is a good overview of things.


However, she is a historian and not a linguist and her pronunciation of many key words in both Spanish and English was off-putting to say the least. Isadore is NOT Ice-adore by anyone I know, including a number of gentlemen who bore the name--even in Spanish the I does not sound like the I in ice but like I in machine There is no T in Cordoba, neither in English or Spanish. The parliament of Spain is called the Cortes--with the accent on the first syllable and a a hissy S at the end not a buzzy Z or the lispy TH -- and not like the conquistador Cortez. Fingernails on a blackboard.