(For titles not on the BL DB)



May 29

(BL-opoly read)



May 28

(BL-opoly read)


Starman Jones         By:                                                                             Robert A. Heinlein                   Narrated by:                                                                             Paul Michael Garcia                Length: 8 hrs and 29 mins   2,330 ratings   Overall 4.4


May 27

(BL-opoly read)


The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax         By:                                                                             Dorothy Gilman                   Narrated by:                                                                             Barbara Rosenblat                Length: 6 hrs and 15 mins   1,658 ratings   Overall 4.7


May 6


I Am Spock         By:                                                                             Leonard Nimoy                   Narrated by:                                                                             Leonard Nimoy                Length: 4 hrs and 8 mins   1,485 ratings   Overall 4.6


April 22


The Shadow of the Wind         By:                                                                             Carlos Ruiz Zafon                   Narrated by:                                                                             Jonathan Davis                Length: 18 hrs and 5 mins   4,162 ratings   Overall 4.2


April 13:


As the Crow Flies audiobook cover art


True West audiobook cover art



Bickering brothers. DNF. Would rather see it on stage.



February 27: (Snakes and Ladders read)



The Seventh Sinner audiobook cover art


Another snowy Wednesday night.



February 24: (Snakes and Ladders read)


The Case of the Missing Servant audiobook cover art


February 23: (Snakes and Ladders read)


Million to one chances happen nine times out of ten.


Mort audiobook cover art










February 13:



Marvelous, mellifluous narrator. Fits the title perfectly.


The Song of Achilles audiobook cover art




February 11:


Busy Day. Home alone.  Finished Folsom Untold. Started and finished A Bridge to Terabithia. Started The Lathe of Heaven.


Bridge to Terabithia audiobook cover artThe Lathe of Heaven audiobook cover art





February 10:


Folsom Untold: The Strange True Story of Johnny Cash's Greatest Album audiobook cover art


The narrator is such a turn off. Could no one convince the man that the story itself is so compelling that it does not need help from the narrator? Also, it would help if the narration was not written with a first grade vocabulary and every cliche know to modern man. All of this and I have only listened for five minutes--and I am not sure that I can go for much longer.





February 3:


The Woman Who Smashed Codes audiobook cover art


Add this to the list of "She did all the work but history gave him all the credit."






January 30:


Talk on the Wild Side audiobook cover art  


I heard this guy interviewed on Lexicon Valley with John McWhorter and decided to get the book in spite of the fact that it is read by the author.  Loving it.




January 16: Another edition not on the BL db:


Thirteen Days audiobook cover art



I was in 6th grade when these events took place. I've seen a couple of the TV movie treatments of this topic and now I am reading RFK's memoir of those days.









The House with a Clock in Its Walls audiobook cover art


Time to switch to fiction for a while. After back to back Great Courses, I need something that I can listen to without thinking.


Not that I was bored but because I didn't want to stop listening, I fell asleep listening to the book. When I awoke some time later, it wasn't George Guidall talking at me and I had no idea what was going on. I slept right through the end of the book. So I rewound and started listening again and once again I fell asleep before the exciting denouement. Tonight, I'm going to choose one of my re-reads, then it won't matter if I sleep through two or three hours of text. Maybe Frederica....


FINISHED!! Moving on.



UPDATE: Jan 14:



Sadly a couple of my recent acquisitions are not on AmazonUK and all my attempts to find them on the BL DB have failed. The House with a Clock in the Walls is one of them and my next read is another. Hence, my own little "currently reading."


  The Perfectionists audiobook cover art


I grabbed a book by Simon Winchester called The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World. The reason it isn't found on the AmazonUK is that Winchester published under a different title in the UK. The book is called Exactly: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World if you are shopping in the UK. Personally, I prefer the UK title. I wonder what else is different between the two.