Task 1:  Make a paper boat and post a picture of it.   Instructions, if needed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiAWx8odStA
Task 2: If you’ve ever attended a procession or an event involving festively decked out boats, post a picture and tell us about it.
My daughter told me about this. I haven't been and it isn't really boats but it is decorated and it does float on water. Each year since 1984 there is the Lantern Festival on Jamaica Pond in Boston. The newspaper article about it says that it is Dutch in origin. I always assumed that it was Asian in origin as part of memorial rites for the ancestors.
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Task 3: Bon Om Touk celebrates the end of the rainy season. Tell us: What’s your favorite type of rainy day book – and do you have a favorite drink or snack to go with your rainy day reading? Photos welcome!
Task 4: Which are your 3 favorite books where a key character is “moonlighting”?
Book: Read a book that takes place at sea or on a river OR with water on the cover OR where the plot involves a festival or the moon plays a pivotal role in the plot.
No, no and no! I am not re-reading Moby Dick just to complete this task!