Why You Are Who You Are audiobook cover artHogfather audiobook cover artThe Goodbye Girl audiobook cover artThe House of Unexpected Sisters audiobook cover artStephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets audiobook cover artHave a Nice Day audiobook cover artNoir audiobook cover artThe Cold Dish audiobook cover artAmerican Dialogue audiobook cover artThe Rags of Time audiobook cover art


My credits have been piling up -- not that I was saving them for any particular reason but mostly because I just didn't feel like shopping. Even then, I was really quite frugal.


Noir and The Cold Dish were in the 2 for 1 sale pile. I wanted Noir for  for 24 Tasks and finally settled on the other because who am I to turn down a free book.


Stephen Fry and Have A Nice Day where my two choices from the November Audible Original freebie offer. BTW, these Audible original titles are getting mixed reviews from this listener.


I had $$$ left from a coupon that was about to expire,so I chose Goodbye Girl from my wish list. I have a whole bunch of LATW plays in my wish list waiting for occasions like this. Most of the productions are under $5, which means it is illogical to use a credit to buy them.


Hogfather, No. 1 Ladies Detective #18, Noir, The Cold Dish are all to be reads for 24 Festive Tasks, once I get them downloaded to my iPod. Rags of Time would be too but I've been slow in my reading and it is the penultimate book in the series (so is the No. 1 Ladies for that matter).