Door 4 - Diwali (November 7th) 
 Task 1:  Share a picture of your favorite light display.
Task 2:  Cleaning is a big part of this holiday; choose one of your shelves, real or virtual, and tidy / organise it.  Give us the before and after photos.  OR Tidy up 5 of the books on your BookLikes shelves by adding the CORRECT cover, and/or any other missing information. (If in doubt, see here: [insert link to MbD’s how-to post from earlier this year.]]
 I don't want to mess with the database but every time I add new audio titles to my shelf, I report all the errors (and there always are since all of the narrators are down as authors and none of the audio editions are combined with other editions of the title or have cover art). I just reported a bunch last night and have a few more to do this evening.
Task 3: Eating sweets is also a big part of Diwali. Either select a recipe for a traditional sweet, or make a family favorite and share a picture with us.
 In our household, the traditional birthday cake is a Carvel "cake."  We all love ice cream and would rather that to a traditional cake.
Task 4: During Diwali, people pray to the goddess Lakhshmi, who is typically depicted as a beautiful young woman holding a lotus flower. Find 5 books on your shelves (either physical or virtual) whose covers show a young woman holding a flower and share their cover images.
I looked at over a thousand covers and this is all I found --and Persuasion doesn't count because I added it before I figured out how to add audiobooks properly and it is not the cover for what I own.
Book: Read a book with candles on the cover or the word “candle” or “light” in the title; OR a book that is the latest in a series; OR set in India; OR any non-fiction book that is ‘illuminating’ (Diwali is Sanskrit for light/knowledge and row, line or series)
The Marriage Bureau for Rich People audiobook cover art