I just put on my thinking cap (and noticed that it seems to fall down over my eyes these days) and did some planning ahead. I've lined up books for the days we have been given-- some old, some new, some borrowed but none blue (I hope) --even going as far as purchasing them on Audible (two were in the sale pile).



Day 18 - Winter Solstice / Yuletide (December 21): 


Book: Read any book that takes place in December OR with ice or snow on the cover OR that revolves around the (summer or winter) equinox OR a collection of poetry by Hafez.
Don't know if it takes place in December and can't tell if there is ice or snow on the cover but for now until proven otherwise.
Day 19 - Festivus (December 23):
Book: Read any comedy, parody, or satire.


Day 21 - Kwanzaa (December 26 - January 1):
Book: Read a book set in Africa or the Caribbean OR by an African, Caribbean, or African-American author OR a book with a green, red, or black cover.
Good time as any to read the next unread title in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Series; it's been awhile.
Day 22 - New Year's Eve (December 31):
Book: Read a book about endings, new starts, or books where things go BOOM!
This will be a re-read unless I find something else that fits.
Day 23 - Hogswatch (December 32)*:
Book: Read anything by Terry Pratchett. 
Obviously there is only one choice here and thank goodness it is one of the very few available on Audible.
Day 24 - Epiphany (January 6):
Book: Read a book with three main characters OR a book about traveling on a journey to a faraway place OR a book that’s part of a trilogy OR with a star on the cover OR with the word “twelve” or “night” in the title OR or concerning kings or spices.
If all else fails, a bit of Twain and his travels to the Holy Land (another re-read); seems fitting, no?