Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. - Ron Chernow, Grover Gardner

Until I was brought to a dead halt by a corrupt file and now am waiting for Audible to make the repair.


It has been a long time since this has happened but Audible has fabulous customer service. The CSA spent almost an hour with me as I downloaded a new copy of the file (almost 500MB worth) and then synced it to my iPod and then listened for over 5 minutes while story advanced on it own to the breakdown point. So the title has been removed from my library and the credit I spent has been restored and they will contact me when the file has been repaired so I can finally finish the darned thing.


 UPDATE: After I spent an hour on the phone with Audible, I finally got a reply from a TechTier3, explaining to me that iPods have a maximum file size that they can handle. She also told me how to fix the problem. However, she failed to specify that I had to do this in the app and not on the website--and I am not an apps person and only use the app because it is the only way to download the titles I have bought. I still do all my browsing, shopping and managing on the website.If you tell me to go to my library, I'm going to the website not the app.


So I went to the website and started following her instructions and in the process downloaded an Audible helper program that proceeded to bugger my computer with in a minute of trying to use it (as it had done every time I had downloaded it to my last two computers--stupid me!). I quickly uninstalled the program but was left with residual damage that only a restore to factory image could resolve. Really, I was ready to live without the ability to access the app store but when it effected my ability to download my books, I had not other choice.


And so, now I am taking a break from "24 Festive Tasks" driven reading to finish this title.