Five Presidents: My Extraordinary Journey with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford - George Newbern, Lisa McCubbin, Clint Hill

This was exactly what I expect: an oblique look at five presidents with whom many of us are already familiar. I find that the unsung hero of this book was Mrs. Hill, who, much like navy wives, pretty much raised her two sons her own while her husband did his job. Thank you, Mrs. Hill, for your sacrifice.


It helped that my expectations were low. I did not expect to learn any deep dark secrets about the Secret Service or even about the people it protected. Honestly, except for portions that cover the JFK assassination, there were no surprises for me.


One thing that did drive me crazy was the narrator, who did not do his homework and who made mistake after mistake in pronouncing what were household names -- Sander Vanocur, Wally Shirra, Pago Pago (which is pronounced Pango, Pango), Judge Sirica, Minot ND(/ˈmnɒt/ (About this sound listen) MY-not), William Ruckelshaus, just to name a few. I was 12 when Kennedy was assassinated. Drives me crazy when narrators don't take the time to learn the correct pronunciation of a name--and when it comes to names, there is only one correct pronunciation: the one used by the person you are talking about. I'll get off my soapbox now.