Never thought I would get this far.


Tasks for World Peace Day: Cook something involving olives or olive oil. Share the results and/or recipe with us.


Each year at Hanukkah, we fry potato latkes (aka, potato pancakes). I fry mine in a mixture of oils one of which is olive oil. 



The house was jumping this afternoon. My daughter, her husband and newborn were here to celebrate along with two of her BFFs and their children plus some of our friends--and it was anything but tranquil. Can't wait till next year.


My recipe is simple: potatoes, eggs and where other people use flour as a binder, I use a package of potato pancake mix. Don't ask me how many of each because I make it up as I go along; it is a very forgiving recipe. Shred the potatoes in a cuisinart, mix the ingredients in a large bowl and fry them by the spoonful in hot oil. Drain on paper towels before serving with:  applesauce, sour cream. cinnamon, or anything else that sounds appealing.