It is time for Hanukkah!

Square 8.

Eight Days

Eight photos 





The task is:  Light nine candles around the room (SAFELY) and post a picture. I know what the task says but unfortunately, it doesn't work that way around here. 


Now we're done:



Last but one:


Sixth night plus our annual latke party, so, tonight it is 2 pictures (and two tasks). Foods fried in oil are the tradition for this holiday--fried potato fritters for some and jelly-filled doughnuts for others:





Halfway done plus one:


Halfway done:


Third night:



 Second night:



First night:



Most households light just one hanukkiyah. We light one for each person in the family-- the two of us, our three children and, now this year, a 6th one for the new addition, our grandson.