Cairnaerie - M.K.B. Graham

I am jumping up and down like a little kid. I can finally say that I count among my friends a real live published novelist!!


Today, a very dear friend, who DH has known since high school and I have known since we were invited to her wedding, announced that her novel has been published--and of course, I ran out and bought, on Amazon Smile.


So, here is the blurb from Amazon:

In this sweeping historical fiction, Cairnaerie unfolds across the landscape of Civil War Virginia and the 1920s eugenics movement that follows... Geneva Snow commits the unforgivable Southern sin. No longer the apple of her father’s eye, she is a pariah, defying her society's most sacrosanct rule. To protect her—and hoping for a change of heart—her shattered yet steadfast father hides her at Cairnaerie, his mountain estate. But his iron-willed daughter is unrepentant. After years of solitude, an older and wiser Geneva is finally mellowing, and she is desperate to leave a legacy worthy of the father she loved and lost. To that end, she engages an unwitting young history professor to help her escape Cairnaerie long enough to attend the wedding of her granddaughter—a girl who is dangerously unaware of her lineage. But when a postman’s malevolence and a colleague’s revenge converge, Geneva's long-kept secret is exposed. For a second time, she faces a calamity of her own making. Only this time, there is no place to hide.