On What Grounds - Rebecca Gibel, Cleo Coyle

I must admit that while I enjoyed book one of the series, I am not running out to buy the next installment. On the other hand, I am not saying that I'm done with it. Coyle kept us guessing until the end whodunit but there is just too much waxing eloquent/pontificating on the joys of coffee along the way. I like my morning cup of joe but I don't worship it.


Mostly, I bought this title because of the narrator and she did a wonderful job. For the most part, her voices were spot on; she sounded New York without blaring it out. The only reason that she didn't completely blend into the background, as a good narrator should, is that I have a face to go with voice; strange how the main character has a very striking resemblance to Ms. Gibel, no matter how she is actually described in the text. ;-)