I'm back from vacation and already two weeks behind on my reading.There was so much else to keep me busy that I just never had time to plug in and listen.


But, I'm back and ready to catch up, which means it is time to publish my reading goals for the year and to see how I did last year. My goals are pretty the much the same for this year as they were last year:


  • Total books -- 130
  • New books --50
  • Hours --no longer tracking
  • History/Bio -- 6 new
  • Expanding my horizons -- 10 new authors and 2 outside normal genres
  • Literary Bucket List -- 2
  • Great Courses -- 5 new
  • Additional Non-Fiction -- 5 new


As for last year, wow did I surprise myself. I read 186 books in 2016 including some DNFs but only 179 discrete titles because I finished my annual re-reads and started over again. I read 71 new titles including 6 new history titles and a bunch of Great Courses (which I am now hooked on).  I went down my list of reads from last year to see if I could choose one as my favorite read of the year but alas could not choose one that so utterly stood out above the rest.


P.S. My reading challenger widget says 100 because it is easier to figure out percentages. ;-)