Dick Francis's Refusal - Felix Francis

Well I see that with little fanfare, Felix Francis's newest title has just been released. I've put it in my Audible wish-list but I am really waiting for the reviews before I spend a credit on getting it for myself. So far I have found Felix's outings to be only so-so and I have always thought that he should be making a name for himself rather than trying to trade on his father's name. It is long past time that he take Daddy's name off the cover.


I am not thrilled that he has chosen to bring Sid Halley out of retirement. Thus far, I'm not convinced that Francis fils has the writing talent of Francis pere (et mere) and Sid Halley was probably one of the most complex characters in the Francis pantheon. I'm not sure that fils is up to the challenge of writing another SH without Dad to back him up (you might recall that the first title that pere et fils wrote together was an SH outing).