The Whole Enchilada CD (Goldy Schulz) - Diane Mott Davidson Catering to Nobody - Diane Mott Davidson


Well, my Goldy marathon is over. I've read the whole series from Catering to Nobody right through to The Whole Enchilada. It was fun while it lasted!


I do get the impression from the Epilogue that this will be the last of the series and I base this on a comment that Goldy makes towards the end of post-script. It just had a ring of finality to it, a ring of "I've come full circle now and I am healed." I guess only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong.





One last comment to the producers of the audio edition: Get rid of the gawd-awful music! At least, thank you for not sticking it between every single chapter. Not only does music on audiobooks drive me up a wall but this was particularly badly done music.