Okay, my friends, I must be missing something but I cannot figure out how to export my BL database. It is the only up-to-date DB of my books that I have.


Has someone figured it out? What am I missing?






I finally sat down to copy and paste my library into a spread sheet. (next step is to figure out how to create a DB using the spreadsheet; I have the programs, just need to figure out how they work).


Here is what I learned about the process.


1. Every thing that is visible on the page will copy and that includes the "change edition" and "add date" commands that appear with the title and read date. You have to use a find and replace to get rid of them.


2. Since in table view, all it says on the screen under shelves is 'edit', that is all you get when you gut and paste. Shelf assignments do not carry over. Save yourself some time and hide this column before you start copying and pasting.


3. The last column in the table is an X so that you can delete the book. You can't delete the column before you hit copy and at least in my database, you can't even delete it after you have finished all the copying and pasting. I may solve that problem by opening another spreadsheet and copying and pasting all but the last column into a fresh spreadsheet, close the original and then save the new with the same name as the first.


4. Spreadsheets don't sort well. Sort by author or title or whatever you prefer before you start cutting and pasting.


5. I didn't worry about cover art figuring that it would take up a lot of space in a file and that I could probably recover it when I finally imported the library into another website and that it might make it difficult to convert the spreadsheet to a delimited .text file for importing.


6. Hide superfluous columns before  copying and pasting. Use setting to determine what to show and what not to show.