No Wind of Blame: Inspector Hemingway, Book 1 - Georgette Heyer, Ulli Birvé

I only bought this one because it was really cheap (in an Audible sale pile).


However, the narrator is horrible!  Her pacing is completely off. Some of her pronunciations are jarring. Hopefully next time one of the Heyer mysteries turns up in the sale pile I will remember just how much I dislike the narrator.


I fell asleep in the middle of listening, didn't even bother to back it up when I woke up and didn't care if I had missed anything because I just wanted to get to the end (because the narrator was driving me nuts)



IMHO, publishers made a big mistake when they hired one reader to narrate all of the the Georgette Heyer mysteries. (At least I have a couple of prior publications by other narrators but alas for those who would like a break from the horrible narrator, these editions are no longer available.) Usually when a narrator is hired like this it is because the first time out, the narrator did a good job and was liked by the reading the public and so is then hired to do the next book the following year --like Lisette Lecat who reads the No. 1 Ladies detective books or Barbara Rosenblat who does the Diane Mott Davidson mysteries or David Colacci who reads the Inspector Bruno mysteries. However, on this re-publication of all of the GH mysteries, which were all re-published practically simultaneously, one person was hired to do all without a chance to see if the narrator actually resonated with the reading public --and GH lovers are very demanding.


Three star read but 1 star narration.