Friends in High Places: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery, Book 9 - Donna Leon, David Colacci

I think I like Donna Leon's Brunetti mysteries more for the setting and the main characters than for the mysteries themselves.  Leon has woven a enticing tale of governmental corruption (friends in high places) and payday-lenders but the scenes I enjoy the most are those of Brunetti and his family and of day-to-day life in Venice.


Colacci is a good narrator but it drives me nuts that characters all speak with an Italian accent. Even though the book is written in English (yes, Leon is an American ex-pat living in Venice and she writes her books in English), the characters are speaking their native tongue.  I presume they speak Italian without any sort of accent other than the local accent (like a southern drawl or HIghland brogue for an English speaker), so why should a translation of their words be accented. Plus, on the few occasions that they do actually switch to English, the fact that their spoken English is highly accented is lost.


Three and a half stars