Mrs Queen Takes the Train - William Kuhn, Simon Prebble

Yes. I think that says it all. You just know that this couldn't ever possibly happen but it is still an enjoyable read, especially if you just don't try to find any deep meaning in the tale--although there are many touching moments. I do like the way Kuhn weaves the diverse cast of characters together. And yes, like a fairy tale, it has a predictable but happy ending.


Another thing in its favor is the narrator, Simon Prebble. I love listening to him. He does a couple of the Dick Francis mysteries that I am constantly re-reading. He is very good with the mutliple aceents used in the book -- various British and Scottish accents plus American and Indian/Pakistani.


So, all in all, I give this one not quite 4 stars. It's not quite heavy-hitting enough for 4 stars but gets extra points for a fine vocabulary, sympathetic characters and a clear writing style.