Shall We Tell the President?: Kane & Abel, Book 3 - Jeffrey Archer, Lorelei King

Had I any idea that this current edition of Shall We Tell the President? was not the same version that I had read when it was first published in 1977, I'm not sure that I would have bothered to get it. What really frosts me about it is that nowhere in the description does it say that it is a revision of the original novel. The original 1977 novel takes place in 1981 and Edward Kennedy is president. The updated 1986 version takes place 1993; it was turned into Book 3 of the Kane and Abel saga that was actually publish after the original Shall We Tell the President? and the heroine daughter of the series is President.


Once I realized --rather near the end -- that this was a revision of the original book, I grabbed the original to see what changes had been made. Kind of strange to read and listen at the same time. Most of the text is the same. There are some changes of names (especially of the real-life senators) and some changes of phrasing in some places but the original plot to kill the president remain intact, almost verbatim.


Now that I have gotten over being really annoyed at Archer and his publishers for the revision in the first place and at Audible for not being crystal clear, I can talk about how much I really enjoyed the story. It is still the four star read that I found it to be when I first read it. It also helped to find out that Archer actually made the revisions in 1986 and not in 2013 as I inferred from the copyright info given on Audible.


Finally, I agree with some of the reviewers on Audible: Lorelei King is not the right narrator for this tale. Sorry, ladies, this book needs a male voice for the narration--a baritone not an alto.