David's Psalms - Benjamin J. Segal, David Sharir

Your post this morning about  The Illustrated Book of Psalms grabbed my attention.   I love the beautifully decorated medieval manuscripts and so I went to the online bookseller to learn more. I almost bought it. Then I remember that about 4 years ago I had heard about an up-coming publication with illustrations by David Sharir, whose work I really like. I kept watching for its publication but never saw it. Then we moved and I completely forgot about the book; in fact, I thought the project had been abandoned. So, seeing your new book reminded me of the one I wanted and I googled to see if maybe it had been published. Lo and behold, it had been published in 2013 and I ordered a copy to peruse before deciding how many more copies to order as gifts. I can't wait for it to arrive. Meanwhile, I added your medieval illustrations to my wishlist.


UPDATE: The package finally arrived. I love the art work (illustrations isn't really the right word). It does not include all 150 Psalms but it is bi-lingual with new translations (which I haven't read yet).