Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled - Dorothy Gilman, Sharon Williams

Mrs. P. Unveiled was published in 2000, before the events of 9/11/2011 completely changed the face of world politics. It takes place in Syria. Background players in the tale are the country's dictator Assad (father of the man in charge today) and the Muslim Brotherhood. As I listened, I just could not help thinking how more recent events in Syria (and the entire Middle East) have given this story a whole new perspective--one that Gilman could have never imagined when she sat down to write this tale.


There is no doubt that the Mrs. P series falls into the category of light/cozy reading, which in my book is just fine. I'm not looking for a page turner or something to get my heart-rate elevated. Also note that this is the last of the series, although I don't think Ms. Gilman knew that when she wrote it.


Gilman wrote 14 Mrs. P books over the course of 34 years and while Mrs. P hardly ages in those 34 years it is interesting to note the changes that occur in the world around her--mobile phone, computers, fall of the Soviet Union, etc.


Three and a half stars for this one.