Even though I easily surpassed them in 2015, out of sheer laziness--I won't have to change the sticky hanging on my desktop monitor-- I'm setting the same goals for 2016:


  • REACHED: At least 130 books total, although my stated BL challenge number is 100.
  • STOPPED TRACKING HOURS: Last year, I crossed the 1300 hours-listened mark, this year, I'd like it to cross the 1400 hours-listened mark
  • REACHED: 50 New Titles
  • REACHED: History challenge -- 6 new titles including bio and autobio
  • REACHED: "Expand my horizons" challenge -- 10 new authors and 2 books outside my normal tastes --but still no zombies, no vampires, no angels, no self-help, no horror!
  • REACHED: Two more books from the literary bucket list


And I'm adding two more challenges, just to keep my reading well rounded ;-):


  • 10 new science titles (that includes linguistics and Great Courses lectures)
  • 2 political science/current events titles (because it is an election year in the US).