Death of a Gossip & Death of a Cad: The First Two Hamish Macbeth Mysteries - Antony Ferguson, M.C. Beaton

Now that I have an e-reader, I finally took myself to the public library and got a library card so that I can borrow e-books from the library. Eventually, I'll figure out how to download public domain titles.


Downloading print titles is easy--so far-- but I can also get audiobooks which I thought would be really great because there are some titles that I wouldn't mind reading but don't want to pay for. However, I still haven't figured if i will be able to download them on to my iPod nano for listening which will be much more convenient than listen on my plus sized smartphone.


I really thought that my days of needing two listening devices was over; boy, was I wrong. When I first started using the library as a source of audiobooks, I had to get a second device for listening because my APPLE iPod nano wouldn't play the WINDOWS audio files that made up the bulk of the library's offerings at that time. Eventually, I read everything of interest available on OverDrive at the time and had bulked up my Audible library enough to keep me going between the monthly delivery of new credits, so I stopped using OverDrive. I figured that when I went back to it this time that it would be a snap to download the titles to my nano, that there would be plenty of titles and that they would have ironed out all the wrinkles. Little did I reckon with the age of APPS!! It still takes two devices.