SuperEgo - Frank J. Fleming, Joel Richards

Normally, I would stop at the word "psychopath" on the cover and say, "NO! Not for me!" and close the page and move on. But some thing made me keep reading-- the cover,  the description, the reviews-- and I decided to try it. This is definitely, for me, one of those "Expand My Horizons" titles--but I promised myself I would 10 new authors (check) and 2 outside the genres I normally read (Not sure. Is a book about a psychopath outside my normal genres or is it still just SciFi?)


UPDATE: Done. All in all, it is a light read.Bang! Bang! Shoot'em up!  Actually, it was more contemplation and inner-dialgoue than it was action and when there was action, it was like comic book, Saturday morning cartoon action.


Am I telling you to run out and buy this book? Not really,  but if you ask me I won't tell you not to.


So, bottom-line. Right smack-dab in the middle: THREE STARS.