Treasure Island - Neil Hunt, Robert Louis Stevenson

After I bought this title, I learned that it was an abridged edition!!!!!!! An abomination!!!!


I even double checked in the book info before I made the purchase. I guess when we are talking unabridged in Audible terms it means that it is an unbridged reading of whatever paper edition, even if that paper edition is itself an abridgement. However, when I read the reviews on Amazon--after I had made the purchase--the first review contained a warning that it is a children's edition and well expurgated. I then went and looked a the other Audible editions of the same title and saw that his edition is a full 2 hours shorter than the longest reading.


After I write my Audible review of a book I'm not planning on listening to, this title is being returned. I want my first reading of TI to be the full edition as published by RLS and not some expurgated edition for modern children.


Update: Warning posted on Audible (not a review because how can I review something I haven't read) and title returned for a refund. Eventually, I will get my hands on an unexpurgated, unabridged recorded edition of Treasure Island; maybe one will eventually go on sale;-).