Twice Shy - Dick Francis



What I like about Twice Shy is the computer talk. It is ancient! Programs written in BASIC and fed into the computer from cassettes. Do you remember those days? What gets me most about the story is that it is really two stories about the same crime taking place 14 years apart and in that 14 year period, as the story is written, there is very little change in the world of computers. Yet in real life, and with the gift of hindsight (mine's 20/20; how about yours?), we know that in these 14 years in the world of computing there were revolutionary changes. It doesn't bother me and it doesn't make me dislike the story. I am just fascinated by the challenge it presented the author, how he handled the challenge -- and just how wrong he got things. Actually, I am glad that he didn't try to predict the changes but just told his story and let the future work itself out.


As always with Mr. Francis, a good read and one to be re-visited many times in the future!