Joseph Luzzi was one of six professors featured at yesterday's One Day University session in Boston MA. Friends who had signed up but couldn't make it gave us their places and so it was that we were back in college for a day. Next year, I'm buying my own tickets. For the record, One Day University puts on programs across the country --Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Florida, Dallas, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle and more.


Of course, one of the three lectures I attended was the one on literature and reading. Interesting course but I fear he may have been preaching to the choir in that I'm sure that he had a room full of readers. One hour was not enough time to give us more  than a series of tips about reading with some illustrations: How is it written? What is it hiding? What are you hearing? What can you smell? How can language surprise you? What is not being said? What can literature teach us? How do we dream? How can we rewrite history?


What was frustrating was that he covered the "what" part of the lecture but not the "how." Well I understand that you can't cover it all in an hour. So, I thought I would get the extended version of the lecture--and it only comes in an audio version, so forget taking notes in the margin. Problem is that the two reviews that I read on Audible/Amazon barely give it three stars. One reviewer thinks that the title is misleading and that the lectures are more about Dante's influence on Italian lit.


So, I am conflicted. Is Luzzi going to get beyond dancing around the topic or will I just be buying the 7 hour version of what I already heard embellished perhaps with more examples but not getting much beyond what has already been revealed?


Should I or shouldn't I?