Anna and the King of Siam: The Book That Inspired the Musical and Film 'The King and I' - Anne Flosnik, Margaret Landon

In my older years, I bring too much baggage to the reading of this novelization of the Anna Leonowens story. I think that I would have done much better had I read a biography or a memoir than this partially made up story. I can't tell where the subject's ideas end and the author's own prejudices take over. Besides which, if you are going to give me a fictionalization, then frankly, I'll take the highly over-romanticized yet still beloved version given us by Rodgers and Hammerstein; at least there, I can ignore the real story and enjoy the romance. I was hoping to have read the version I read when I was in junior high, but I don't think this was it--not that I would ever be able to recognize it were I to ever stumble across it.


So, I give this a feeble three stars and don't really recommend it to anyone -- least of all, impressionable youths.