April Lady - Georgette Heyer

This is how I want the "currently reading" widget to work: When I add a new start date to a book I've already read, I want it to show up along with the rest of the books I am currently reading. I want it to know automatically that if there is a start date with no finish date, that the book is currently being read, even if the status of the book is READ, because isn't start date with no finish date the same as "currently reading"?


On another note, I started my annual re-read list from the top last night. I started April Lady and then immediately fell asleep listening. Good thing it is a re-read and I don't feel completed to rewind and start again. Also good thing that April Lady is not one of my most favoritest (yes, note the double superlative) Georgettes, because then I would be compelled to start again so as not to miss a word of the story.