Great Masters: Beethoven - His Life and Music - The Great Courses, Professor Robert Greenberg

I'll make it through the the whole 6 hours but honestly, if I had to sit in this guy's classroom day after day, I would shoot myself. The only redeeming value is that he does lard his lecture with music!


UPDATE: Uncle!! After two lectures, I give up. I can't listen to this lecturer for another minute. One of the reviews on Audible sums it up perfectly--and I quote: patronizing, supercilious .... so desperate to be "cool" and "hip" that he wastes our time with redundancies, digressions and self-indulgent rants.


I am really disappointed. The lecturer's style was so off putting that even if there was history to be explained and insights to be shared, I had no patience with the lecture style to want  to continue to listen.


The word that keeps popping onto my head is one of those SAT words I learned in high school:  Bloviating. When is the last time you used that word in a sentence? And, no, I did not use that word in the review I submitted to Audible. I wasn't sure t would make it through the filters.


Along with TBR, Read and Currently reading, BL needs to add a DNF--did not finish category for books like this. I really don't want this one to be counted.