I'd Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High (CD-Audio) - Common - Performed by Tony Danza By (author) Tony Danza

This one was hard to read. My mother taught at this very school for 30 years. Once the home of some the best and the brightest students in the city (along with Central High and Girls' High), the school is now described in the book as an 'inner-city' school--and "inner-city" is the PC term for "slums". The school no longer resembles the school my mother taught in and so it was then easy not to personalize the story; Danza could have been teaching in any city school in the country.


I'm sure that many have criticized Danza and his book (especially since at least part of his year was filmed for a TV reality series) but I like that he has told some hard truths about teaching, about education and the challenges faced by the American education system.


Read the book; it is entertaining and eye-opening at the same time. Don't spend time criticizing him but listen to what he learned.