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See the Movie, You'll Like It So Much Better
Adam's Rib - Garson Kanin, David Rambo, Ruth Gordon

I just finished listening to the 2004 L.A. Theatre Works production of Adam's Rib, a stage version of the Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy movie. It was terrible in so many ways--the adaptation to stage (Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon must be rolling over in their graves), the direction, the lead actors' attempts to sound like Hepburn/Tracy but then again to not sound like them. The only redeeming aspect was the supporting cast who were marvelous.


I've listened to a number of LATW productions and this is by far the worst. 

2018 Books -- 106 and counting
  1. Sacre Bleu --NEW50
  2. Great Courses: Heroes and Legends
  3. Lane -- NEW49
  4. Four Princes --NEW48 HISTORY9
  5. Steambath -- NEW47
  6. Prisioner on 2nd Avenue -- NEW46
  7. Great Courses: Classical Mythology -- NEW45
  8. Great Courses: America in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era -- NEW44 HISTORY8
  9. Adam's Rib -- NEW43
  10. The Accidental President --NEW42 HISTORY7
  11. The Secret, Book and Scone Society --NEW41
  12. Great Course: The Rise and Fall of the British Empire -- NEW40 HISTORY6
  13. Lion (aka A Long Way Home) -- NEW39
  14. The Third Man -- re-read
  15. No Higher Honor -- re-read
  16. Eisenhower in War and Peace -- re-read 
  17. The Secret Life of Pronouns -- re-read
  18. What's So Funny -- re-read
  19. 10 LB. Penalty -- re-read
  20. Whip Hand --re-read
  21. Venetia --re-read
  22. The Unknown Ajax -- re-read
  23. The Unfinished Clue -- re-read 
  24. Twice Shy -- re-read
  25. Trustee from the Toolroom -- re-read
  26. Trial Run -- re-read
  27. The Toll Gate --re-read
  28. These Old Shades -- re-read
  29. The Talisman Ring -- re-read
  30. Sylvester, ... --re-read
  31. Sprig Muslin -- re-read
  32. So Disdained -- re-read
  33. Smokescreen --re-read
  34. Shattered -- re-read
  35. Second Wind - re-read
  36. Ruined City -- re-read
  37. Round the Bend -- re-read
  38. Risk -- re-read
  39. The Reluctant Widow -- re-read
  40. Regency Buck --re-read
  41. Reflex -- re-read
  42. Rat Race -- re-read
  43. The Rainbow and the Rose --re-read
  44. The Quiet Gentleman --re-read
  45. Proof -- re-read
  46. Pastoral -- re-read
  47. An Old Captivity -- re-read
  48. Odds Against -- re-read
  49. No Highway -- re-read
  50. Nonesuch -- re-read
  51. Nerve --re-read
  52. The Masqueraders -- re-read 
  53. Longshot --re-read
  54. Lonely Road -- re-read
  55. Landfall -- re-read
  56. Steppenwolf --re-read
  57. Zorba the Greek -- NEW38
  58. The Virginian -- NEW37
  59. Three Men in a Boat... --NEW36
  60. Roughing It -- NEW35
  61. The Railway Children -- NEW34
  62. Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk --NEW33
  63. Lady of Quality -- re-read
  64. In the wet -- re-read
  65. In the Frame -- re-read 
  66. Cider House Rules -- NEW32
  67. Matriarch -- NEW31 HISTORY6
  68. Misbehaving -- NEW30
  69. Cat's Cradle --re-read
  70. All Creatures Great and Small -- NEW29
  71. Pale Blue Dot -- NEW28
  72. Hot Money -- re-read  
  73. High Stakes -- re-read
  74. Friday's Child -- re-read
  75. Frederica -- re-read 
  76. Flying Finish -- re-read
  77. The Wizard of Menlo Park -- NEW27 HISTORY5
  78. On Power -- NEW26
  79. In This Bright Future -- NEW25
  80. Thursday the Rabbi..  -- NEW24
  81. Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet -- NEW23
  82. Code Girls -- NEW22 HISTORY4
  83. The Foundling --re-read
  84. Faro's Daughter -- re-read
  85. If on a Winter's Night a Traveler --NEW21
  86. Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red -- NEW20
  87. The Tale of Dueling Neurosurgeons -- NEW18
  88. The Secret of Chimneys -- NEW18
  89. A Nun in the Closet -- NEW17
  90. Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness -- NEW16
  91. Mrs. Pollifax, Innocent Traveler -- NEW15
  92. Monday the Rabbi Took Off --NEW14
  93. The LIghthouse Keeper -- NEW13
  94. The Great Train Robbery --re-read
  95. The Great Courses: Food -- NEW12 HISTORY3
  96. Cosmos -- NEW11  SCIENCE2
  97. Amadeus -- NEW10
  98. The Far Country -- re-read
  99. False Colours -- re-read
  100. Even Money - re-read
  101. Enquiry -- re-read
  102. Driving Force -- re-read
  103. Dick Francis's Bloodlines -- re-read
  104. The Great Courses: Redefining Reality -- NEW9
  105. The Pun Also Rises -- NEW8
  106. M. Butterfly -- NEW7
  107. A Hologram for the King --NEW6  
  108. The Fountain of Paradise --NEW5
  109. Fire and Rain -- NEW4 -- HISTORY2
  110. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night --NEW3
  111. Consider the Fork -- NEW2   HISTORY1
  112. Consciousness and the Brain: -- NEW1  SCIENCE1 DNF
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Finally sat down to update my bookshelf
Werner's Nomenclature of Colours: Adapted to Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Minerology, Anatomy and the Arts - Patrick Syme Single Malt Murder: A Whisky Business Mystery - Melinda Mullet, Gemma Dawson The Accidental President: Harry S. Truman and the Four Months That Changed the World - A.J. Baime, Tony Messano Sacre Bleu: A Comedy d'Art - Christopher Moore, Euan Morton


It has been a while since I have updated my shelves or even downloaded my purchases to my computer (a process even slower these days than adding them to my bookshelf here). But today had been housekeeping day and at least here I am up-to-date. Now I can go spend the rest of my credits. Or, perhaps I should invest some effort into finishing the books I have already bought. In other words, it is time to attack Mount TBR. <dashing knight in armor, on horseback and a flourish of trumpets>


The truth of the matter is that Mt. TBR is just not as daunting when it doesn't take up much needed physical space thus lacking the imperative to "get these books read and put away already." Moreover, I just am not inclined to read anything new right now or to even finish any of the three or four titles that I have begun and abandoned but am not ready to declare DNF. I have been enjoying a prolonged and relaxing period of working my way through my re-read list and it seems that the only thing that will be getting me out of this groove is that I am quickly reaching the end of the alphabet and thus the end of the list. Yes, I read the list A-Z and then start over; it saves having to choose what to read next or answering that age old question, "what do I feel like reading."


All told, I added one reference book, five books and six selections from the Great Courses catalog. I hope I chose well.



ARRGHHH. Trying to add but can't find
  • Storing here so I don't lose the info. Not for sale on the amazon uk. Not in the DB, that I can find.
  • Lion by Saroo Brierley,  LarryButtrose narrated by Vikas Adams
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Listening Length: 7 hours and 33 minutes
  • Program Type: Audiobook
  • Version: Unabridged
  • Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
  • Release Date: November 18, 2016
  • Whispersync for Voice: Ready
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01NA6SV1B
Books are ... ??

For me books are my escape, entertainment and ...  night lamp. How about you? 


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More sweet thoughts about reading and readers from my friends on the Georgette Heyer group I follow on FB:


"Found on Facebook" Strikes Again

(If the 3rd party art is missing, I can only assume that the OP has deleted it or figured out how not to let it be shared. Sorry.)

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Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk: And Other Truths About Being Creative - Danielle Krysa

Yes, I know. It says right in the tag line, "No self-help" and yet here it is. Even worse, I can't believe that not only did I listened to the whole thing but I even went as far as checking out the price of the print edition. There are some quotes and some lists that I would like to have in front of me for future reference. I will also say that just because I was checking out the price does mean I am telling you to go out and buy this book. I'm not. I still don't like self-help books--and that's why this isn't a review and I haven't given it any gold stars. 


So, why did I buy it, besides the very cheap price and because I liked the title? Because I started to paint four years ago and wanted see if the author had anything helpful to say about the creative process and making art. The answer is yes, she does. 

Audible Two-fer-1 Revisted
Collected Fictions - Andrew Hurley, Jorge Luis Borges, George Guidall Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) - Jerome K. Jerome, Steven Crossley Zorba the Greek - Nikos Kazantzakis, George Guidall The Railway Children - E. Nesbit, Virginia Leishman

I went back to the sale pile to see if I missed anything and found another 4 books. This is making up for all of those sales where I walk away with nothing.


Zorba is another one of those titles from my teen years while Railway is one of those childhood classics that I never read (that I can remember). Three Men in a Boat I chose because the name rang a bell (lol, it came through on BL feed).


The Borges I chose with mixed emotions. Reading it English is a sign of defeat, a sign that I have given up on trying to read it in Spanish. But, I want to read those stories, so time to stop procastinating and just get it done!


May I also please note that I am thrilled that George Guidall reads two of the 8 titles and Grover Gardner another. It always makes it so much easier to choose when one of my favorite narrators is at the microphone. At least I know that I won't be yelling at the book to pronounce things properly or complaining about the voicing of a particular character; these two always get it right.

Another Audible 2-for-1 Sale: Classic Works
The Virginian - Owen Wister, Jack Garrett Classic Novels: Meeting the Challenge of Great Literature - Arnold Weinstein, Professor Arnold Weinstein Ph.D. Harvard University Steppenwolf - Hermann Hesse, Peter Weller Roughing It - Mark Twain, Grover Gardner

I do enjoy the 2-for-1 sales. Audible never makes its entire inventory available in these sales but selects a couple of hundred titles to offer. Some sales I find nothing and some I walk away with hours worth of listening. 


Please don't read anything into my choosing both Roughing It and The Virginian. Slowly but surely, I seem to be consuming more and more Twain, and I especially like his travelogues. Meanwhile, The Virginian (and Steppenwolf, too) are returns to high school reads.


Then, to round out my choices, there is a "Great Courses" lecture series on Classic Novels, which will either be very enlightening or just simply pompous beyond bearing. 



Shelving Audiobooks

I am adding new audiobooks to my shelf this morning. With the shelve it button only working with the UK site, it is more complicated to find a book and shelve it, especially when starting from AudibleUS, which defaults to AmazonUS. In the process, I am digging up housekeeping chores galore for the Librarians--missing cover art, editions to combine, etc.-- and learning new things.


I've learned that some of the titles I am looking for have different ASINs in US and UK. I'm now reporting the multiple ASINs, figuring that the Librarians will handle it anyway they see fit. It is very time consuming/inefficient to curate a multi-million entry database one entry at a time, especially when the curators are volunteers. So, many, many thanks to the LIbrarians! I am your biggest fan!


I'm also learning that even if the audiobook is actually already in the database, searching by ASIN on BL won't necessarily find it. (Oh dear, that's not good. Too many false negatives leads to duplicate entries for the same ASIN). Audiobooks are even harder to find because most of the time the narrator is listed as an author and the editions have not been combined with print or other digital edition. The only definitive way to find a specific edition is using the shelve it button from the website. If shelve it can't find it, it isn't there.


Please do not think I am complaining. Booklikes is a free service and I am grateful to the owners for its continued existence. We all would not be here, together otherwise. In the meantime, I'm sharing what I have learned about how things work and hoping that others will find the insights helpful.


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