Terse and to the point!

No zombies. No vampires. No angels. No self-help. No horror.



Half Price Sale for Audible US Members
The Iliad of Homer - Elizabeth Vandiver The Crime at Black Dudley - Margery Allingham, David Thorpe The Great Decision: Jefferson, Adams, Marshall, and the Battle for the Supreme Court - Cliff Sloan, David McKean, Peter Jay Fernandez American Ideals: Founding a 'Republic of Virtue' - Daniel N. Robinson

I love these half price sales. It works really great for grabbing up titles that will cost less than the cost of a credit--why waste a credit if I can get it for less. So these titles have been sitting in my wish list, some of them for a few years now, waiting for the celestial confluence of half price sale and my decision that I'm ready to add that particular title to my library. Sale ends April 24, so there may be even more edition additions.


This is next up on my TBR
Cairnaerie - M.K.B. Graham

I bought this a few weeks ago but knew that I would have to put off starting it for a few weeks. Well, those weeks have passed and it is now the next thing I will read...just as soon as I finish listening to The Odyssey!

Child of Morning, Rosy Fingered Dawn
The Iliad & The Odyssey - Homer, John Lescault The Odyssey of Homer - Elizabeth Vandiver, The Great Courses, The Great Courses

At last! I've finished The Illiad portion of the story and have begun The Odyssey. What a difference!  I'm trying to decide if it is the subject matter of one versus the other that makes the one so much better, so much more readable than the other, so much easier to tell or if it is that the writing of the Odyssey is actually that much better than that of the  Illiad. Or then again, maybe I will just leave it to the critics.

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Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman, Lenny Henry
Slow going
The Iliad & The Odyssey - Homer, John Lescault

I'm about 20 books in and it is slow going. Lots of blood and gore and dead warriors. Lots of names I can't get my head around. Very repetitive--no wonder we read a very abbreviated version in high school. I can't wait for the men at war section to be over so i can down to the adventure story.


BUT a wonderful, easy to understand translation (I just have to keep reminding myself that "host" means "army" and not the "Master of the House"). AND, a marvelous narrator who uses just enough moderation of his voice that we can tell when he speaker changes. AND marvelous poetry, full of all those devices that do poetry make -- you know, all that stuff you learned in school and can't put a name to now but you sure recognize now when you hear it.

Today's daily deal on Audible...
What the F: What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves - Benjamin K. Bergen

I'm on a winning streak. This is he second "Daily Deal" this month. And oddly enough, both of them have been titles that are being read by the author, something I tend to avoid because good authors aren't necessarily good narrators. But I listened to the sample before deciding to buy and surprisingly, both authors weren't half bad.

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Incidental Comics

Words and pictures by Grant Snider





I want MORE
Luck and Judgement - Peter Grainger, Gildart Jackson

I absolutely love this series but only the first three are on audio!!!


Please,please Audible, get the rest recorded so that I can get them. Gildart Jackson's narrating is so perfect that I don't want to just read them, I want to listen to them.



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It is more of a dramatization than a reading of the text
The Jungle Book: The Mowgli Stories - Audible Studios, Rudyard Kipling, Tim McInnerny, Colin Salmon, Bernard Cribbins, Celia Imrie, Martin Shaw, Richard E. Grant, Bill Bailey

Lots of fun and very, very well done but it is an adaptation of the book more than a straight reading. Now I have to go find an unabridged reading of the book.


Oh, and, LOVE the cover!!

How many books can you read before you die?


Based on the number of books I've read the last three years, I tripled the "Super" number and based on my mom's she'll-outlive-us-all, 93-and-healthier-than-I-am, genes, I've calculated I only have just under 10,000 books left to read in my lifetime.


::cracking knuckles::  The Name of the Rose is going down; time's a-wasting.

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Today's quote



The high value put upon every minute of time, the idea of hurry-hurry as the most important objective of living, is unquestionably the most dangerous enemy of joy.


Herman Hesse

Today's daily deal on Audible...
The Jungle Book: The Mowgli Stories - Audible Studios, Rudyard Kipling, Tim McInnerny, Colin Salmon, Bernard Cribbins, Celia Imrie, Martin Shaw, Richard E. Grant, Bill Bailey

For $1, who could pass up this one? Looking forward to the short interlude.

Way to go, M.K.B!!!
Cairnaerie - M.K.B. Graham

I am jumping up and down like a little kid. I can finally say that I count among my friends a real live published novelist!!


Today, a very dear friend, who DH has known since high school and I have known since we were invited to her wedding, announced that her novel has been published--and of course, I ran out and bought, on Amazon Smile.


So, here is the blurb from Amazon:

In this sweeping historical fiction, Cairnaerie unfolds across the landscape of Civil War Virginia and the 1920s eugenics movement that follows... Geneva Snow commits the unforgivable Southern sin. No longer the apple of her father’s eye, she is a pariah, defying her society's most sacrosanct rule. To protect her—and hoping for a change of heart—her shattered yet steadfast father hides her at Cairnaerie, his mountain estate. But his iron-willed daughter is unrepentant. After years of solitude, an older and wiser Geneva is finally mellowing, and she is desperate to leave a legacy worthy of the father she loved and lost. To that end, she engages an unwitting young history professor to help her escape Cairnaerie long enough to attend the wedding of her granddaughter—a girl who is dangerously unaware of her lineage. But when a postman’s malevolence and a colleague’s revenge converge, Geneva's long-kept secret is exposed. For a second time, she faces a calamity of her own making. Only this time, there is no place to hide.

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Combining satire, cynicism and cornball equals outrageous results
Double Whammy - Carl Hiaasen, George K. Wilson

Hiaasen is not for everyone. Not only is he cynical and satirical but he can be down-right rude and crude at the same time--but he does it with such elan and eclat that rather than roll your eyeballs in disgust, you just laugh along with him. I have read every single one of his adult titles, some of them, more than once.  When I need to laugh at the world, I grab a Hiaasen.


Four and a half stars!!!



0 Stars
A light romp that prompts some deep thinking
The Spaceship Next Door - Gene Doucette, Steve   Carlson

The description on my BookLikes blog clearly states:


Terse and to the point!

No zombies. No vampires. No angels. No self-help. No horror.


Okay, so I broke my own rule. I read a book with zombies in it. I almost put it down when the zombies appeared but I was so entranced by the book that I decided to break my hard and fast rule. After all, I am already reading a book about aliens on earth and really up until now it has been a rather G-rated adventure.


It has been a long time since I have felt so compelled to want to copy a quote from an audio book. Now, I want to get my hands on a hard copy of this book so that I can find the few lines and pin them up on my computer to read every now and then. And , no, I am not going to quote them here when I do find them because that would be a spolier, a really big spoiler.


I'm giving this one 4 and half starts and throwing it into the "To be read again and again and again" pile. Even the narrator was marvelous.